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Project: Nahant Beach Reservation and Roadway Rehabilitation

Client: PIHL, Inc.

Owner: Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR)

A-Plus Construction Services Corp. (A-Plus) is under contract to confirm the horizontal and vertical controls provided on the contract drawings, verify existing conditions, perform construction layout and provide as-built survey at the completion of the project.  

A-Plus staked out the main construction baseline and offset baselines.  In order to construct a temporary roadway, a survey of the existing jersey barrier and utilities were completed in order to “field-fit” this roadway.  Once an alignment was designed, A-Plus staked out the temporary roadway, temporary drainage structures and verified elevations to ensure proper drainage. Once the temporary roadway was completed, work commenced on the main roadway.  The permanent drainage structures, utilities and revetments were laid out in addition to, sidewalks, edge of pavement and parking areas.